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  • Dynamic Personal Website
    Everything about you in one secure place
  • Seamless Integration
    Easily connect all your social profiles and sites
  • Multiple Networks
    Post on all your networks from your dashboard

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Additional Features and Benefits

Tie all your personal & social information together into one central Website!

Personal Website

  • Customizable - Pick from multiple design and color options to customize your personal site
  • Smarter Networking - Get insight into who's looking for you and expand your network
  • Optimized For Search - Your Follr Website was built with SEO in mind, so more people find you

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What's your online story?

We are all being searched for online. What version of your story do people find?

At best it's fragmented, inaccurate and incomplete meaning it's ineffective. At worst it represents a negative version of you, your opinions and your character.

Use Follr to tell your unique story so people form the right opinion. Easily add your content, résumé, education, links, influence, timeline, contacts and much more.

Follr allows you to control and leverage your personal brand and digital identity via a short, memorable domain name (e.g. follr.me/yourname) and build your human network.

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